About Us


Our clients have been very loyal throughout the years. Homer Miller's success has been based on honesty (if we can't do it, we'll tell you), and based on our ability to successfully help customers implement programs that help them achieve their objectives. We seek involvement during our clients' planning stages. If that is not allowed during the developing stages of our business relationship we work with each client on the level that they feel is most appropriate.


Homer Miller Company is one of the founding members of our marketing group that ranks us the number 3 company in the industry and in the top 4% of sales.


While we are proud of our clients and our services, it is our employees and affiliates that we're most proud of. Our President, Rod Miller, has served as Chairman of numerous association committees and as Treasurer and Board Member of our Professions' National Association.


It is our goal to become one of your preferred vendors. In seeking this relationship, we will commit an entire team to assist in providing the level of service that you both need and do deserve.



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