5 Promotional Products That Will Have Your Clients Dreaming

  • Jun 18, 2024

There are a lot of branding opportunities that go unnoticed in a world of t-shirts and coffee mugs. In fact, there’s an entire industry that spends every waking hour thinking of ways to help you get your brand noticed by as many people as possible. That’s when we realized, everyone else can cover the “waking hours”, let’s talk about what happens when it’s time to call it a day! Check out these dreamy sleep-friendly promotional products.

1. A Cozy Robe


Arguably the greatest of nighttime (or morning) apparel, we begin with a robe. The possibilities really are endless here. Do you go with the soft embrace of the fleece? How about the classic cotton? Or, perhaps your brand is one best represented by the sensual joie de vivre of silk? No matter what, your brand gets to be the one associated with the comfort and style.


2. Sleep Shorts


Sleep shorts exist as the perfect choice for that time when you don’t want to sit around in your underwear, but you don’t want to get fully clothed. They are often the chosen night-loungewear of people who are excited to have the bottom half of their legs free to the open air but require a bit of protection and privacy above the knee.


3. Sleep Mask


With the right sleep mask, your brand will be the official guardian of slumber for your customers. They will place their masks on, and the last thing they might see is your logo before they drift off. Perhaps your brand will appear in their dreams, beckoning them to visit your company and enhance your professional relationship. Thanks for the good nap!


4. Neck Pillow


Sometimes, we don’t get the pleasure of sleeping in our own beds. In fact, quite a lot of people end up catching their nap in-flight. For those lucky souls, your brand will come through with an awesome neck pillow. While the rest of the flight cock their heads back and forth with discomfort, your customer will sleep like a fairy tale princess, your dependable brand at their side.


5. Stuffed Animal


Have you ever been told to count sheep in your head to bore yourself to sleep? We think a more fun way is to just read a book and cuddle up with a stuffed animal sheep. Let’s name him Captain Baaaa or Wooly T. Sheepman. Your customers will love the little sheep and you’ll have a perfect branding spot right on his bandana! 

Do you like these sleep-related products? Are they making you want to take a nice long nap? Okay, go nap and then call us and we’ll go over more awesome products for your customers! 




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